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It’s Winter! Did you know that we have snow tyres?!

As the first flakes of snow begin to fall across Victoria, it’s the perfect time to look at your tyres.

Victoria is home to Australia’s premier ski mountains, including Mt Buller, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek. If you’re planning a trip to the snow, not only do you want to ensure that your tyres are safe, you want to know that you have the right tyres for driving through snow, ice and extreme winter conditions.

Getting safely to the snow and back is heavily dependent on your tyres. You should make sure that your tyres have plenty of tread depth, are properly aligned and balanced. The tread pattern of your tyres should be designed to handle cold and harsh weather conditions.

Snow tyres are designed to withstand extremely cold conditions. The silica compounds of a snow tyre remain soft even when temperatures fall below 7 degrees. This guarantees traction and control of your vehicle even through thick snow.

There are many snow tyres available in the marketplace, here at Donnellans we highly recommend the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season. The Scorpion Winter is the perfect tyre for your passenger vehicle including SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi Q7 and more.

The Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season is designed to be much quieter on the road, with active sipes and a new directional tread pattern. With better rolling resistance, the Scorpion Zero All-Season is a fuel saver, making it kinder on the environment, which is something to take into consideration when visiting these beautiful parts of our country.

Scorpion Tyre

It’s recommended that you get a wheel alignment before winter truly kicks in and you start to venture out to the snow fields. The last thing you want is your vehicle pulling to the left or right. When your wheels are properly aligned and your steering is corrected, it gives you the confidence that your car has the ability to stay on the inside of the orange posts.

Driving in snow can be very difficult and things can be made a lot worse when your tyres are low on tread or in poor condition. Understeering and limited braking is a common occurrence while driving in snow. A new set of winter or all-season tyres will give you the confidence to get you safely to your destination.

Most alpine roads are dangerous, even in summer. Steep drop offs, tight corners, large tourist buses and falling rocks are just some of the obstacles you may encounter. These things become a nightmare with low visibility, loss of traction and poor steering.

Donnellans the Tyremen are not only your local expert fitters and technicians, we also specialise in snow tyres designed for wintery Victorian roads. Whether you are just sightseeing in the alpine regions, heading to one of our world class ski resorts or require a specific, reliable tyre for commercial use in the snow, you can rely on the friendly team at your local Donnellans for quality workmanship and trusted advice.

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