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Tyre Stewardship Australia, or TSA, and definitely not the TSA are Australias largest tyre recycling program, with the goal to recycle tyres into useful products.

According to the TSA research, Australians purchase around 563,000 tonnes of new tyres every year, and through participating tyre stores and recycling programs, around 70% of that is recovered and given a second life as materials and components for other products.

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Each one of our locations is a Tyre Stewardship Australia partner, and all of your old take-offs are returned through recycling channels.

According to the TSA website, around 66,100 tonnes of old tyres are recycled right here in Australia and the materials are reused locally to make things such as:

  • Crumbed rubber matting for playground and sports equipment
  • Road surfaces
  • Pavement and footpaths
  • Furniture

The internal steel bands in the tyres can also be stripped and fully recycled into other steel products, often through mechanical shredding means.

Tyre Recycle Granules

Due to the sheer amount of recycled tyres, up to 264,200 tonnes are exported to be recycled overseas annually.

When you get your tyres replaced through Donnellans, know that your old tyres aren’t ending up in a landfill and will go on to end up in all kinds of products!

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