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Replacing nuts on a car's wheel

If you’ve unfortunately scraped up against a curb, hit a pothole or had an unfortunate incident with debris on the road, don’t live with damaged wheels, come see Donnellans The Tyremen today!

We offer a wheel repair and refurbishment service. Let us repair and restore your existing rims. Our staff will recommend the best options when it comes to straightening, polishing, painting and clear coating old rims to look like new again!

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How long do wheel repairs take?

Most wheel repairs typically require no more than 2 to 3 business days to complete, so you can have your vehicle looking brand new again in no time at all!

What type of damage can be repaired?

We can repair both alloy and steel wheels that have been gutter rashed, chipped, bent or cracked.

What type of repairs are performed?

Depending on whether the wheel is steel or alloy dictates the repair process. Minor bends can be repaired by heating and pressing the wheel back to its original shape.

Severe bends and cracks can often be repaired by heating the wheel and filling the damaged area by welding, before the whole area is smoothed back and refinished.

Onto the topic of wheel refinishing, the only limits are your imagination and your wallet. From powder coating to polishing, we can refinish your wheels back to their original condition or change up the look. If you have a wheel design you love but you wish your gloss gunmetal wheels were satin black? We can help.

What do I do if my wheels can’t be repaired?

If your wheels are not safely repairable (the key word being ‘safely’), your best option is to source a replacement. If you are currently running a factory standard wheel, this should be easy enough to find a replacement either through a secondhand parts network or through insurance or your manufacturers dealership.

There may be instances where you might opt to replace all your wheels with a set of aftermarket wheels more suited for your needs. A great example of this is replacing the alloy wheels on your 4WD with some more durable steel wheels. Steel wheels tend to be both tougher, easier to repair and much cheaper to replace, while the trade-off is they are heavier.

As with most repair services, we’ll need to inspect the wheels before we can provide any real information on whether your wheel can be repaired or not.

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