Replacement Car Batteries

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The battery in your vehicle is a very important component whose job it is to provide a big surge of power to start your engine, as well as absorb voltage spikes and dips that can be caused by the alternator.

If your vehicle is cranking slowly on cold mornings, the battery has corrosion and powder on it, or you’ve accidentally drained it by leaving the lights on, bring your vehicle to Donnellans for a battery test and potentially a replacement!

Replacement Car Batteries

The battery in your vehicle isn’t in the nicest environment. They’re often stuffed in the back corner of an extremely hot engine bay, they’re called upon to deliver massive amounts of current every time you start your vehicle and they suffer.

As such, most automotive batteries tend to have a lifespan of between 3 to 8 years, depending on how you use your vehicle and how hard the battery is worked. Vehicles with start-stop technology for example, often have more demanding battery requirements than older vehicles, and require larger and more expensive batteries.

Diesel vehicles too, require much more energy to start, and are often equipped with large batteries to handle increased demands.

Causes of a Dead Battery

Time is often the killer of batteries, with no other faults in the vehicle contributing to battery failure.

Over time, the lead-acid batteries can develop crystals and internal corrosion can cause internal shorts.

Other causes of a dead battery include being improperly charged, which is usually a result of an alternator failing, or a drive belt slipping.

Accidentally draining your battery by leaving lights or accessories turned on isn’t always a death sentence for your vehicle's battery, but improperly draining and recharging a battery can speed up internal corrosion and lead to premature battery failure.

Generally if your battery was in good condition before it went flat, jump starting your vehicle and going for a nice long drive to recharge the battery should bring it back to working order.

How do I Know if I Need a New Battery?

Sometimes a failed battery can be the original cause of an issue with your vehicle, or a symptom of another issue, the only way to tell is by performing an inspection and check of your vehicle’s electrical systems.

If you suspect your battery is in need of replacement, or you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Slow cranking or difficulties starting your vehicle
  • The battery warning light on your dashboard is on
  • You can hear or smell a slipping belt under your bonnet while driving

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