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Tyre maintenance before your summer getaway

Summer is well and truly here - and it’s the perfect time for a getaway.
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Donnellans Balwyn - your ‘go to’ destination for vehicle care and maintenance

Thinking of exploring Balwyn and beyond? Give your vehicle the once over beforehand.
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The best tyres in Preston

Donnellans and Bridgestone available in Preston, Melbourne's East.
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Three Bridgestone tyres endorsed by Santa

We have handpicked 3 top performing Bridgestone tyres to get you around safely this summer.
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Bridgestone Potenza S007A Tyres at Donnellans Prahran

Super cars and the wealthy frequent the area as its home to top bars, night spots and restaurants. Luxury passenger vehicles require a special tyre fitment and the Bridgestone Potenza S007A is just that.
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Two GREAT Drives from Melbourne this Summer!

With two of Australia’s most iconic drives only a small distance from Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road and The Great Alpine Road are two scenic experiences you should embark on this summer.
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Boosting your car's fuel efficiency

Did you know that you can boost the overall fuel efficiency of your car by as much as 30% through simple vehicle maintenance and attention to your style of driving?
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Five Great Tyres at your Donnellans in Collingwood

Bridgestone Tyres at your Donnellans Store, Collingwood
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Preparing Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

So, you’re hitting the open road for a trip with family or friends in spring or summer? Now is a good time to begin preparations!
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Electric Cars

Donnellans has seen the number of electric vehicles grow considerably over the past 5 years, with a jump in vehicle range and shorter charge times. More and more manufacturers are...
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