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Logbook servicing explained

Logbook servicing is a great way to preserve resale value of your vehicle. Let’s find out more.
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Tyre features designed to protect your wheels.

Gutter rash be gone!
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How do I read tyre wear and suspension issues?

The state of your tyres can tell you a lot about how your car is performing.
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How to read tyre sidewall markings.

Have you ever looked at a tyre and wondered what all the letters and numbers mean? We’re here to help!
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Loading a trailer correctly and safely.

Let’s take a good look at safe towing practices to make sure you get the most out of the summer months!
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Why should you buy premium tyres?

Cheap tyres come and go. Premium tyres often perform better, quieter and last longer, justifying the higher initial expense.
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Vehicle batteries, magic or just science?

Don’t be negative, we’re here to teach you about car batteries.
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Economy tyres to save you money

If you have to drive a car to work, how do you lessen the hit to your wallet?
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The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance.

Your vehicle may show signs of a fault before it becomes an expensive issue. Here’s what to look for.
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Bridgestone Potenza for Street and Track

This month, let’s take a deep dive into Bridgestone and their high performance car tyres.
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