Wheel Alignments

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Every vehicle has a small degree of suspension adjustment that affects which angles the wheels are facing (not counting regular steering movement).

The purpose of a wheel alignment is to measure and adjust the position of your wheels to ensure they are within the manufacturers’ specifications.

A good wheel alignment will improve vehicle stability under heavy braking and make the car more settled in an emergency situation.

During a wheel alignment, we will check your camber, toe, thrust, caster and other vital measurements.

Signs You Need An Alignment

Wheel alignments should be scheduled every 10,000 to 15,000kms depending on your vehicle. Routine wheel alignments are a great way to inspect your tyres and suspension for general wear and tear, damage, premature tyre wear and other causes for concern.

Other reasons you might consider booking your car in for an alignment include:

  • Hitting a pothole, which can knock a vehicle out of alignment or potentially damage suspension
  • Striking a curb while parking, if done hard enough this can also damage suspension
  • If your car no longer drives straight while the steering wheel is straight
  • If the car pulls to one side during normal driving
  • If you notice a sudden difference in the way the car ‘feels’ on the road

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are something isn’t right. Be sure to book in to see Donnellans today, as it may mean that there’s an issue with your suspension or your wheels and tyres.

What is Adjusted in a Wheel Alignment?

There are several measurements and adjustments that form a wheel alignment service:


The inwards or outwards tilt of the wheels when looking at the vehicle from the front on. Most vehicles have a small amount of negative camber from the factory, where the wheels tilt ever so slightly in at the top, towards the car.


Have you experienced the tendency of your steering wheel to return to straight if you release the wheel after making a turn? That’s castor at work. Castor settings relate to your steering, and while some vehicles don’t provide any castor adjustment, we measure it all the same. Significantly different measurements from factory specifications suggest worn-out components or crash damage.


Toe is the inwards or outwards alignment of the wheels when viewed from above. It’s essential that the wheels on each side of the vehicle are running parallel to each other in normal driving conditions, though some vehicles have fractions of degrees of toe in or out depending on manufacturer specifications.

Incorrect toe settings are one of the most common reasons for premature tyre wear.

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If your car’s wheels aren’t correctly aligned, your tyres will experience higher than usual tread wear. W e use state of the art John Bean and Hoffman 3D beam aligners.

Routine wheel alignments, combined with rotating and balancing your tyres will extend your tyre life.

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