Suspension Repairs

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Donnellans also carry all the latest and greatest products for expert suspension repairs. Our range includes Monroe, Pedders, Koni, Bilstein, King, K-Mac and Apexi.

We can replace shock absorbers, ball joints, idler arms and rubber bushes. We can also reset and replace your springs.

And if you want the low down on lowering, see our expertly trained technicians for all your requirements. They know precisely the best lowering settings to compliment your vehicle.

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This German based company was the first to produce gas pressured shock absorbers. Bilstein offers a single tube high pressure gas system, pre-tested before sold to insure the highest quality for the consumer. Bilstein is top notch and all products come with a lifetime warranty.

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Eibach Springs

From $600.00 fitted

The Will to Win. It's much more than a slogan. It's our way of life and, we suspect, your'way of life. It's the drive in all of us that makes us work better, stay up later and drive harder. It's what compels us to do our best today'and to do even better tomorrow. It's what makes us build the world's best springs, dampers, coil-overs, anti-roll bars and other suspension components. And what makes the world's best tuners, drivers and racing teams, from the demanding engineers of Formula 1, to the wizards of NASCAR, to the obsessed amateurs of the SCCA, insist on our quality, our expertise and leading-edge technology. It's why every Eibach product is more than a component. It's a symbol of a special part of all of us.

There simply is no better spring for your car on todays market. Every European car can benefit from a set of Eibach springs.

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King Springs

From $350.00 fitted

King Springs is Australia's Leading manufacturer of springs for motor sport application. All motor sport springs are made to order, custom designed for specific application. King Springs are found on most leading cars in every facet of motor sport including race, rally and offroad.

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Koni Shocks And Springs

Shocks from $395.00 a pair and spring kits from $500.00

Technical innovation is one of the keys to a top product. KONI's research programmes give us a leading position. With the help of the latest technology, KONI's research engineers are forever working on new developments . After final assembly, each shock absorber is 100 % dyno-tested to check that the damping forces are perfectly matched to the specifications and to assure the highest possible quality. Before leaving the factory each shock absorber is electronically tested. In 1990 KONI received the Ford Q1 Quality Award, and is of course Q1 certified. Since 1994 KONI has been ISO 9001 certified and currently is working on QS 9000 certification; the newest and highest quality standard in the automotive industry. Continuous Improvement programs assure that KONI keeps on meeting the strictest quality requirements.

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Pedders Suspension

From $350.00 fitted

For close to 50 years, Pedders Suspension has been leading the way in after market suspension and steering technology. Pedders has products and services to meet the suspension requirements of virtually all vehicles on the road, including 4WDs and light commercial vehicles. Pedders comprehensive range of suspension products has evolved from our recognition that individual drivers require their vehicles to be improved in different ways. Some want superior handling, others want increased load carrying ability, while to others a better, more comfortable ride is paramount. Pedders large range of products enables us to cater for all these individual needs. Suspension kits from $350.00

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From $400.00

Donnellans do a full range of TEIN products. Most commonly are full coil over kits available from the economical height adjustment only through to full height and damping(both rebound and compression) adjustment. TEIN also offer a huge range of lowering spring kits at cheaper than expected prices. All TEIN springs are cold wound and therefore offer a smoother more durable spring as cold winding is far less stressful on the actual steel used to make the springs. TEIN - For Your Driving Pleasure.

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