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Meet Pirelli

Pirelli is one of the top-tier tyre manufacturers, Globally. Their products are known for their durability, forward-thinking designs and long lasting compounds. Today, Pirelli enjoys a loyal customer base both on and off road, 2 wheels or 4.

Brief History of Pirelli

Pirelli was founded in 1872 in the Italian city of Milan as a company specialising in elastic rubber products. In 1985, the first process plant was built to produce rubber bands for carriage wheels. The company expanded and by 1894 was producing tyres for pushbikes as well.

1901 brought about the age of the motorcar, and along with it, the need for tyres to suit such a vehicle. Pirelli responded by expanding operations and by opening production plants in Spain, England, Argentina and Spain.

Pirelli has been a company long committed to motorsports, with their tyres being fitted to the winning car in the first Grand Prix, held by the Automobile Club of France.

1922 was a historic year for the company, as Pirelli was the first Italian company to have shares traded in the US market.

After WW1, Pirelli brought to market the first purpose-designed sports tyre. The Superflex Stella Bianca was designed with reinforced tread to avoid damage at high speeds.

1953, after 4 years of development and testing, the first radial tyre from Pirelli was released under the Cinturato nameplate. The Cinturato was praised for pushing tyre safety, performance and longevity to new heights.

The 60’s and 70’s bought an era of high performance sports cars, often outpacing the capabilities of tyres of the era. Pirelli was able to leverage their extensive motorsports experience to develop tyres such as the Cinturato P6, P7 and P8 to suit this new generation of ultra performance race-cars-for-the-road.

Close up image of Pirelli tyre fitted to Porsche wheel


The 80’s through to 2010 saw the company expand, with the company today having a portfolio of 19 production factories in 12 countries.

Today, Pirelli employs over 31,600 staff worldwide. The company manufacturers tyres to suit cars, motorcycles as well as bicycles.

Pirelli is the tyre supplier to FIM World Superbike Championship since 2007, as well as its supporting series. The company is currently the sole tyre supplier for Formula One, where they replaced Bridgestone at the end of the 2010 season.

Notable tyres from Pirelli

Pirelli tyres are generally put into 1 of their 3 product ranges. To learn more about the correct tyres for your application, keep reading, or come see the experts at Donnellans the Tyremen.


The Scorpion range of tyres is aimed at larger vehicles such as SUV’s and 4WD’s. The Pirelli Scorpion range covers everything from Mud Terrains, All Terrains, as well as highway and tarmac performance rubber.

The Scorpion range is characterised by increased grip levels in inclement conditions, whether that means ice, mud, wet grass or rocks, without sacrificing tread lifespan to do so.

Pirelli Scorpion snow tyre tread detail


The Cinturato name has carried on since 1953, and today the range covers Pirelli’s more eco-friendly options. Cinturato tyres are characterised by their fuel efficient tread designs, aiming to provide a quiet, safe ride quality across a variety of vehicles including passenger cars and SUV’s.

The best thing about the Cinturato series is the technology from upper-tier tyres in Pirelli’s range trickle down. Ensuring you end up with a tyre that performs at the same level at more expensive options from other companies.

Pirelli Cinturato passenger car tyre tread detail


P-Zero is the nameplate given to Pirelli’s ultra high-performance tyres aimed at luxury vehicles that have a focus on handling. P-Zero tyres frequently feature directional or asymmetric tread designs offering no-compromise solutions to handling, braking distances and grip levels.

For maximum performance and sporty steering response, there is a tyre in the P-Zero range to suit your vehicle.

Pirelli P Zero sports tyre tread detail

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