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Should I get my vehicle logbook serviced?

Maintenance, repairs and replacement parts are part and parcel of vehicle ownership. If you have a new vehicle that is still under warranty, it’s best that a logbook service is performed.

What is a logbook service?

A logbook service is a vehicle inspection, repair or part replacement that is performed in line with the recommendations set out by your vehicle manufacturer.

The idea of a logbook service is that all inspections, work performed and parts used are kept track of, in case any issues arise down the track.

The service schedule set out by your vehicle manufacturer has the goal of keeping your vehicle reliable through periodic inspections, preventative maintenance as well as proper oil and fluid changes.

Checking fluid level on vehicle

Where can I get a logbook service performed?

You aren’t required to take your vehicle back to service at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle in order to keep your warranty status.

In Australia, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have determined you can get your vehicle serviced at any registered workshop of your choice and retain your manufacturer’s warranty.

All Donnellan’s locations are authorised service centres and use genuine parts on your vehicle.

If you have paid for an extended warranty through the place you purchased your vehicle from, extended warranties can sometimes.

How much is a logbook service?

The cost of a Logbook service depends on what the vehicle manufacturer specifies for that service interval. Some services may be merely an inspection or an oil change, where some services can include significant disassembly to perform inspections.

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