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Hop on in for your pre-Easter roadtrip service at Donnellans

For many, Easter is a great time to get away for what will no doubt be a much anticipated and well earnt long weekend escape. While your Easter break should be enjoyable and carefree, a bit of thought and preparation beforehand is what you’ll need to not only get you to your destination, but also get you safely back.

For your vehicle to perform at it’s best, it needs the proper care and attention. Why not plan ahead? While you’re scrolling through possible Airbnb properties, you can also book your car in for a service at one of our 5 stores located throughout Melbourne - in Blackburn, Collingwood, Preston, Prahran and Balwyn. With over 50 years experience, consider Donnellans your ‘go to’ destination for all things tyres, wheels, brakes, suspension, wheel alignments and vehicle servicing.

We service most makes and models and have made selecting the service that’s right for your vehicle’s needs simple with our Easy Select 1-2-3 packages. Each of our 3 servicing packages will provide you with a comprehensive check up, at a great price, to give you the confidence and peace of mind that your vehicle is performing at its best this Easter.

Of course, there are also some simple checks that you can easily do yourself at home, in the weeks leading up to your Easter getaway.

Tyre pressure - be sure to always follow and maintain the manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressures. This ensures the safety and performance of your vehicle, as well as tyre longevity. You can locate the recommended inflation pressures in the owner’s manual or on your vehicle’s placard. If you lack the time, know how or confidence then the professionals at your local Donnellans are here to assist.

Check and top up fluid levels as needed - including the engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer reservoir. Not sure how? Refer to your owner’s manual or leave it to the professionals by calling into one of our 5 stores.

Lights - check that all exterior lights are operating (easiest with the help of another, but you can also check them in your garage by looking for their reflection against the walls).

Windscreen wipers and washers - check that they are working effectively.

Check glass surfaces - are they clean and free from scratches, chips and cracks? Don’t forget to include mirrors in this check too.

There you have it - some simple checks that you can do yourself, to kick start your Easter getaway preparations. Now all you need do is hop on in (pun intended) to one of our 5 stores, or give us a call, to arrange your pre-Easter roadtrip service. It’s as easy as selecting 1, 2 or 3.