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What is logbook servicing?

Logbook servicing is the term given to a series of scheduled services that are carried out at specific intervals as set by your vehicle manufacturer.

Following your vehicle’s service schedule helps maintain vehicle warranty, assists with the resale value, as well as providing peace of mind that the vehicle has been serviced using genuine parts and accessories.

Your vehicle service information specifies particular fluids or parts to be inspected and serviced at each interval. Each vehicle will have its own logbook schedule, even different models from the same manufacturer can have different items at differing schedules.

Technician performing oil filter change

How often should I have a logbook service?

Logbook servicing is generally scheduled every 6 months, or 10,000kms, but the recommended schedule varies between vehicle manufacturers.

You can check your vehicle logbook to see when your vehicle is next due for a logbook service. If you are unsure, you can always speak with the team at Donnellans who can help you with enquiries, booking and performing your next service.

Where can I get logbook servicing performed?

In Australia, under our Australian Consumer Laws, you can have your logbook servicing carried out at any qualified service centre and have your logbook stamped.

You have total control over your preferred service centre, there is no requirement to get your vehicle serviced through the dealership or your manufacturer’s service network in order to keep your vehicle warranty.

What is involved in a logbook service?

Logbook servicing is designed to be performed at specific intervals, based on either a time period or distance the vehicle has travelled. Each service can be different, although there are some items that are checked at every service.

Some items that are checked are engine oil, coolant, exterior lights, vehicle functions and more.

Some logbook services are relatively minor, while some are much more complex and may include timing belts, cabin air and fuel filters, suspension ball joints, brake systems as well as other more in-depth procedures.

Spanners and other tools placed in the engine compartment of a vehicle being serviced

Why should I get my vehicle logbook serviced?

In order to maintain your new vehicle warranty, you need to stick to the specified logbook service schedule.

Logbook servicing is intended to be a way to periodically inspect your vehicle and catch any potential issues before they occur. A minor part inspection or replacement now could save a major repair later.

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It’s important that any logbook servicing is performed by a qualified workshop using high-quality parts and trained technicians. You’ll find experts at each of our 5 locations throughout the south-east Melbourne region in Blackburn, Collingwood, Preston, Prahran and Balwyn.

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