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Repairing & Refurbishing Damaged Alloy Wheels

Clearcoat ‘spidering’ shown on an alloy wheel.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishing

The condition of a vehicle's wheels significantly influences the overall perception of its condition. Don’t let a set of dinged-up wheels detract from your ride, with a professional wheel refurbishment from the team at Donnellans the Tyremen.

Repairing Wheel Damage

Accidents can happen to any of us. Even the best drivers have occasionally gutter-rashed their wheels and have heard either a horrible screeching or crunching noise that notifies you that you're going to have an ugly scar on your new shiny alloy wheels.

Well-kept wheels are often seen as a reflection of the drivers’ attention to detail and care for the vehicle. The overall condition of a vehicle, including the wheels, is critical for several reasons.

Resale Value

Vehicles with wheels in good condition typically command higher resale and trade-in values. Potential buyers often equate the state of the wheels with the general upkeep of the car. Wheels that are free from damage such as scratches, bends, or corrosion suggest that the vehicle has been handled carefully and well-looked after, potentially leading to a better resale price.

Perceived Care by the Owner

Wheels in pristine condition convey a message that the owner cares about their vehicle's condition and maintenance schedules. This perception goes beyond the wheels and implies that the owner likely maintains other parts of the car with equal care. It creates an impression of overall vehicle reliability and careful use.

Overall Vehicle Condition

The state of the wheels is often taken as a proxy for the condition of the vehicle as a whole. Clean, undamaged wheels enhance the vehicle's aesthetic appeal, suggesting that mechanical parts are also likely well-maintained. Conversely, wheels with visible damage or wear may lead observers to question the integrity of other vehicle components.

In summary, the condition of a vehicle's wheels plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions about the vehicle's overall quality and the owner's care. This aspect can significantly impact the vehicle's resale value and the general impression of the vehicle's maintenance and condition.

Clear coat peeling on an alloy wheel.

Common Types of Wheel Damage

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that clean and well-presented wheels provide, what are the common ways that wheels become damaged?


Bends in wheels are often caused by impacts with potholes or debris on the road. Many bends occur on the inside of the wheel, where they aren’t easily found visually, but will lead to vibrations that you can feel while driving. Most high-quality original wheels and aftermarket wheels can be repaired unless the bend is serious enough to crack the wheel.

Curb Damage

By far, the most common type of wheel damage is curb damage, also known as gutter rash. This type of damage is usually only cosmetic and can be repaired in most cases.


Corrosive brake dust and harsh cleaning chemicals can sometimes deteriorate the clear coat found on shiny alloy wheels. Even genuine factory wheels are not immune to this type of damage occurring over time.

Purely a cosmetic issue, refinishing a wheel by removing the corrosion and applying fresh powder coating will restore most wheels back to their original condition.


In most cases, wheels with cracks in them are not safely repairable. Damage such as this is usually caused by heavy impact damage or manufacturing defects, there typically is no middle ground.

Cracks result in air loss in most cases, resulting in a damaged tyre as well.

Close up of gutter rash type damage to a wheel.

Donnellans offer Alloy Wheel Repair Services

Donnellans Tyre Tyreman aren’t just your local Bridgestone and Firestone Select Dealers. We are your specialty tyre, wheel and automotive repairs centre. With 4 convenient locations across the south east Melbourne region, you can find us in Preston, Collingwood, Blackburn and Balwyn.

If you’re looking to have the wheels on your car, SUV or 4WD repaired, refurbished or just recoloured, bring them into your nearest store for a free consultation or quote.

We stock a huge range of tyres and wheels in store, and will have something to fit every vehicle. Find your nearest store below and give us a call!